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resort: Ober Gatlinburg
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This is the place where you can discuss about where you can go skiing or snowboarding in Tennessee. If there are ski resorts in Tennessee not listed here, we would love to know!! Did you snowboard or ski in Tennessee this season? If you did, post a message about your snowboard or ski trip here now. Any messages related to snowboard or ski in Tennessee are welcome here too!!
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Posted by on Wed Oct 03 06:09:51 UTC 2012
I'm looking to go skiing in gatlinburg since thats the closest this weekend. Could check out options in NC as well.

Posted by on Mon Jan 16 17:16:41 UTC 2012
Anyone here who skis? Im not into skiing in Tenn ,but like to find a skiing partner to go to WVA or NC

Posted by on Tue Jan 03 03:56:21 UTC 2012
Guys don't take the the wrong way but I would maybe be willing to find a ski pal, male.---- and NO I'm not gay.

Posted by on Tue Jan 03 03:42:26 UTC 2012
Anyone here who skis? Im not into skiing in Tenn ,but like to find a skiing partner to go to WVA or NC

Posted by on Tue Jan 03 03:39:30 UTC 2012
Wow, that's a really clever way of thniikng about it!

Posted by on Sun Aug 14 01:50:04 UTC 2011
any lady like to company for this coming week at ober gatliburg for snowboard

Posted by on Sat Mar 14 21:36:14 UTC 2009

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